7 Tools for creating beautiful websites and apps.

7 Tools for creating beautiful websites and apps.

These websites will help you in creating assets for your website.

SVG Backgrounds

with this tool, you can generate beautiful SVG backgrounds to CSS or SVG code!

Glassmorphism CSS Generator

Get started with this free CSS generator based on the glassmorphism design specifications to quickly design and customize the style properties.

Actionable Color Palettes

That's a list of beautiful 30+ Hand curated color palettes.

Buttons Generator

Find the button which you like and just click on it and paste the code to your project.

Wavier - Wavy Dividers Generator

Generate wavy dividers for your next project with ease! You can copy HTML/CSS and you are good to go!

Blob maker

Blobmaker is a free generative design too to help you quickly create random, unique, and organic-looking SVG shapes.

Awesome CSS3 Background Gradients

Free collection of hand-curated, beautiful background gradients. For every gradient, you can change the direction and get the generated CSS code.

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This Article inspired from Twitter Thread by Eugene Zolotarenko